Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Checks and Balances

I have made two new rules when it comes to costume making. First, I must mark a costume off the list before starting a new one. Second, I cannot start a new costume that I do not already have the supplies for. That means I can't start a purple costume if I don't already have purple fabric, sequins, etc. to make it. I am allowed to buy notions (thread, needles) that I run out of while sewing, but that is it. I have to use up what I already have or can trade for. That may seem a little stringent but it is making me really look at what I have laying around and get creative.

I marked Tar Berries off the Costume list today! I am so glad to have it done. Pink and Rhinestones will be checked off by tomorrow. Whew. That technically means I can add 2 new projects to the list but I think I am going to knock out a few more before adding on to my workload.

I am going to get pictures of the finished Tar Berries this weekend at the Ava Flemming workshop/show. I am super proud of it =)



Kis said...

Woo! Can't wait to see the pics of the finish costumes!!
Reminds me... I'm due for a post and some photos of my own :)

Nyla Crystal said...

Oh man I need an organized system like that. I have so many bags of partially finished costumes. Thank you for inspiring me to get organized! Love the Tar Berries costume. Great job!

Naima said...

@Nyla, writing all of my "in progress" projects down really made a big difference. Especially when I get antsy and want to start something new. I look at my list and refocus on something there.