About Naima

I started bellydancing January of 2000 and haven't looked back. I am not a bellydance purist. However, I tend to stick to the classical and modern oriental end of the spectrum. Sometimes I am all about hardcore technique and choreography but mostly I fly by the seat of my pants. My performances usually include a funny face and/or a wave to a friend in the audience. I also make my own costumes on occasion and enjoy having my picture taken even though I'm pretty awful at modeling.



It is important for me to remember and document all of the talented dancers I have had the privilege to take classes from. I consider every dancer to by part of my dance journey no matter how big or small their influence.  

In alphabetical order:

Ananya – MO.
Angelika Nemeth - CA. 
Ariellah - CA.
Ashiya – NE.
Ashley Lopez - OR.
Ava Flemming - AZ
Aziza Nawal - GA.
Aziza S'aid - CA.
Bahaia - TX. 
Brittney Laleh – MO./CA.
Conchi – OH.
Dahlal – MO.
Dalia Carella – NYC
Deniz -  OH.
Faten Salama – Wash DC
Gita – MO.
Jasara – MO.
Jasmin Jahal – IL
Jim Boz – CA.
Jonatan Derbaq -  TN.
Karen Culp – MO.
Kittie Sparkle - OK.
Layla Hazine – TX.
Margo Abdo O'Dell – MN.
Maria Savvenas - MO.
Masani Azura – KC
Mishaal – Tokyo
Morocco – NYC
Mouse - MO.
Naia 'Abal - MO.
Nagwa Fouad – Egypt
Nourhan Sharif – NYC
Princess Farhana – CA.
Raffa – UT.
Raqia Hassan - Egypt
Ruby Beh - OR.
Sa'dia Ishani – MO.
Sahra Saeeda – CA/Egypt
Salwa – St Louis, MO.
Sarena – St Louis, MO.
Shareen El Safy - CA.
Shiara – IA.
Siham Ali – KC
Soraya – OK.
Suzanna Del Vecchio – CO.
Tarik Sultan - NY.
Tempest – RI.
Vashti – TX.
Virginia – FL.
Yasmine Al Abbasi – MO.
Yousry Sharif – NYC/ Egypt
Zahra Zuhair – CA.
Zaina Ali – KC
Zivah Serpentina – MO.

Audited Classes:
Ami Amore' - MO.
Haddasah - MO.
Red My Hips – IL.

Studio Affiliations

Sarrab School of Dance 2000-2002
Beledi Bellydance and Anceint Arts 2003-2006
Phenomenon Studio 2012-2013
Malaika Dancers 2013-present


Anonymous said...

I love your writing and costume info----and Ozma's comment---make crappy into happy!!! happy shimmies!!

i said...

I just ran across this blog when looking for tips on fitting bedlah, and I have to say: it is a thing of beauty. Wow, wow, and more wow. The only problem is that I now want to spend the evening poring over your blog, when really I need to be taking apart that belt and adjusting it!

Naima said...

@i, you should check out Shushanna's tutorial page here, http://www.shushanna.com/costumes.html.

She has LOTS of good stuff to waste time on.