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Informational Links
Belly Dancing Diva - online magazine
Belly Dance Universe - news and entertainment
Daily Bellydance Quickies - daily email newsletter (and blog)
Eclectica - music focused podcast
Nafoura - online magazine
Midwest Bellydance Happenings - event postings
Shimmy Cast - podcast - everything you ever wanted to know about Bellydance
Yip Podcast - podcast

Video Links
Belly Dancing: Learn to Belly Dance - a nicely done free online video series with all of the basics.

Dahlal International
Belly Dance Store

Costume Tutorials (by other dancers)
Shushanna Designs

Visions by Maharet - Photography (and dancer)
CHRISwerks - Photography
Galloway Station - Bar and Grill (Home of Greek Night)
Greek Night - Facebook page

Local Midwest Teacher/Studio Links
Diana - St Louis, MO.
Malaika Dancers - Springfield, MO.
Miss Bee Bellydance - Springfield, MO.
Ozark Mountain Gypsies - Springfield, MO.
Phenomenon Studios - Springfield, MO.
Raqs Akia - Fayetteville, AR.
Red Moon Studios - Springfield, MO.
Sarrab School of Dance - Springfield, MO.
Tribe Ayaka - St. Louis, MO.

Other Links I Use and Abuse
Pandora Radio
Quirky Mugs
The Anit Craft
Web Japan