Monday, August 27, 2012

Tar Berries Are Finally Ripe!

Tar Berries made it to the Ava Flemming workshp/show finished! Lined, trimmed, completed. All of it! I used my removable halter chain on the back straps. I like it haltered enough that I think I'm going to make a permanent one. There is one palette on the bra that pokes me in the arm pit and leaves big red marks that has got to go. 


 The skirt isn't as long as it appears in this picture. I am standing over my cover-up.

pic by S. Bowers.

 pic by S. Bowers


Anonymous said...

very nice----like it alot!!


imposterpockets said...

This turned out really well! It has a tough edginess to it.

Ariel said...

Beautiful!!! Very unique!