Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beading Tutorial: Tea Cups

This may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes the simplest ideas are the easiest to overlook. Anytime you have some gaps in your design or need to add a little shine to a costume with out overwhelming it you can use Tea Cups.

You will need:
  • Thread
  • Beading needles
  • Scissors
  • Rocaille beads, seed beads, or other round beads
  • Tray/lid (to hold your beads)
  • Thimble (for pushing needle through thick layers of fabric, optional)

Begin by threading your needle and knotting the thread. Insert the needle through the fabric where you want to place a Tea Cup. Slide a sequin on followed by one bead. If using facetted sequins insert the needle from behind with the facet facing up. Slide the sequin all the way down against the fabric. Slide the bead down the thread but not all the way to the sequin.

Insert your needle through the sequin into the fabric and pull tight. This will make a loop around the bead holding everything in place.

That's it! Pretty simple. The beads resemble little tea cups sitting on little sequin plates. Here are two Tea Cups made with different size beads. Have a Tea Party and add Tea Cups anywhere you need a little shine.

 A bra covered with Tea Cups to add a little extra sparkle.

 A coin covered bra with Tea Cups hidden in the gaps between coins. Can you see them?

An arm band with a row of Tea Cups between two rows of Sandwiches.

Have fun and Good Luck!



RetroKali said...

Naima, love this series.
Yesterday I went to buy a beading needle and didn't get one bc they were so tiny and flimsy, i couldn't believe that they'd go through several layers of fabric w/o breaking. What am I missing?

Naima said...

@RetroKali you had the right needles. They are actually easier to thread through multiple layers than regular needles because they are so narrow. The flimsiness is a byproduct of them being so narrow. They also tend to be a little longer than regular needles so you can load beads in a long row easier. I will do a new post and talk about supplies more in detail.

iquo ben said...

Thanks for this post. I have learnt from your tutorials God's blessings