Friday, August 05, 2011

Zills of Suck

Been working on my zills of suck again this week. With a record breaking temperature of 108F I don't really have the energy to move anything other than my fingers. I've literally been laying in bed in front of a fan on my back with my arms in the air zilling. And they still suck. But you know, I've decided to say that with a bit of pride. The way people use the words 'bad' and 'sick'. I picture the following conversation in my head.
"Yo, whaz up?!"
"Yo, I got zills of suck!"
"Fo'realz!" Followed by high-fives and posturing.

Really, my zill playing isn't that bad. It is still just very challenging and frustrating. That is one of the reasons I still don't know how to play and dance with them. I have found an excuse out of learning for too many years. I got to suck it up if I want zills of suck.



Kis said...

I've got some tricks which I got taught/worked out when I started to learn... I can post them if you'd like?

Will give me something to dancewise to post... I've been feeling a little lost on what to put up there of late (aside from being sick and on holidays!)

Naima said...

@Kis Absolutely! I really want to get my brain over the hump.