Sunday, August 07, 2011

Notes to Self

 A reminder to start drills on the left (because I never start left,) and to stop transitioning out of one move into the other before it is completed.

R, R, Holy Cow, R, Holy Cow, R, L from Belly Dancing Basics.

Zills with muffs

Note to self: You may be sweaty, tired, and mentally drained (after drilling)...but you're still a pretty pretty princess.

The sew along poll has closed with 10 want-to participants, 2 sewingly-challenged, and 5 voyeurs. Thank you all for voting allowing me a chance to gauge the interest for this project. I am working on it right now and intend on having a supplies list and schedule up very soon.



Kis said...

Always a princess! :D

Jessica Joy said...

Ha! HOLY COW! You are awesome. thanks so much!

viv said...

Hey Naima - just found your blog and i think the sew-along is an awesome idea (even though i count myself among the sewingly-challenged, and will mostly be a voyeur for this one). Your blog is super informative and inspiring!! I learn so much from your photos - more please :)