Monday, April 13, 2009

Naima Rant

I have made the mistake of surfing the net and seeing all of the hideous blunders dancers make when having their pics taken. Usually costume related. Which is sad because the below mistakes are all from posed pictures, meaning they could be avoided.

Naima says,

  • Wear some G*dd*mn make-up! Spend hundreds of dollars on a costume and not even lip gloss. WTF!
  • There should be zero boob creeping from the BOTTOM of your BD bra cups. ZERO! LIKE NONE! And I'm talking about before you raise your hands over your head.
  • A BD Bra should not fit like hubcaps to your nipples. It should fit like a bra.
  • Do not have your picture taken, in costume, on a bed...ever.
  • Please, please wear a skirt or pants with your belt. If you are at the beach, then take off the belt and put on your swim suit... One or the other, come on people.
  • If your sexy face looks too much like your "deer in a headlight" or "O-face", try again. This time with less "deer" and "O".
  • "Pharonic Arms" are really only cute if you are like 6yrs old.
  • Whoever is taking your picture, fire them, and get new friends.

and finally,

  • Stop dressing like Rachel Brice. Really, just stop.


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Dina said...

you mean you aren't gonna show me any of these lovely
at first i was afraid to read this thinking oh boy what blunder have i made...luckily i have done nothing on this list!

Naima said...

I AM mean, and I really really wanted to post the pic of the bottom boob creep, but it was of a "professional" dancer (copyright).

And I don't want to hate on the hot BDers out there...but if you're curious

Half of my rant can be found here. I will leave it to you to figure it out.

The Pale Lady said...

I dig Brices look, but not everyone can pull it off. Especially the bulk of ladies who try to.

Naima said...

Yes, Rachel always looks awesome. But if Rachel wears stripey socks and then the clones all start wearing stripey socks. I mean, that's pretty obvious.

Maybe if they wore an "I Love Rachel Brice" shirt too, then it would move them from copycat to fangirl status.