Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hootin an Hollarin

As promised, like a billion years ago, video of square dancing from the Hootin an Hollarin festival. I took this video last Sept. 2008. My video camera is over 5 years old, ancient in technology years.

Each night of Hootin an Hollarin about 10 groups of dancers square dance in the town square. Each circle of dancers pick which dance to perform while live music plays. Between songs, dancers trade spots or sit out while others get up to dance. Dancers are of all ages.

About the festival:

I learned some square dancing back in high school P.E. class but I've been to chicken to jump in at Hootin an Hollarin and have a go at it.

In other news...bad news, well sort of. I can only afford (barely) to go to Saturday of the Princess Farhana two day workshop in Buffalo. I mailed my check today.

Good news, Steve Ewing will be at the Highlife in Springfield that Friday night. I have missed seeing him every year for like 5+ years now because I have always been out of town.

Yea for being broke!

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