Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better Than Sliced Bread - Quick Beaded Fringe

I just got a "bead spinner" and it is the best-est most awesome tool for making beaded fringe for bellydance costumes. It strings the beads so fast it takes longer to actually thread and tie off the needle than stringing. The bead spinner I got is the cheap low-brow version. Some come battery operated and some with multiple bowls for changing out beads and colors faster. It's seriously the coolest thing ever! If you make your own costumes I highly recommend getting one. Making your own fringe is not only cheaper than buying pre-made, you can make exactly the color, length, and amount you want, straight, v-shaped, looped, etc.

A quick thanks to those of you who've sent me get well wishes. My voice is touch and go and I've injured my ribs to the point they hurt even when I sit still. I can't dance at all. I started practicing zills yesterday since I can do that without moving. If I don't improve any more in the next few days I'll be heading back to the doctor for a third visit. *sigh*


Today's quote: "If you need to know, I've just started on my breakdown." - IAMX


RetroKali said...

I think you should do a series for beginner costume makers when you get better. I will gladly pimp the hell out of it. and personally speaking I could sure use it. :)


i agree, u r always sewing/crocheting, u would b great inspiration to many, who do own fashion or wanna learn, now u start feelin better, we all love ya and your honest, open way of just bein u. i am a sponge, gimme more ,i lost the pattern for ctocheted zill muffs, could u redo that one 4 us somex,thanks, gypsy

Naima said...

I'm kind of a beginner costume maker myself. Despite all I've learned I still bumble my way through. I do already have another costume in the works. I could document it from the beginning and you can watch me stumble through it.

RetroKali said...

That sounds great! Remember that I am math challenged, and know virtually nothing about even the simplest of things. ( base? what to cover with? How to cover? etc.)
And your costumes look pretty advanced to me...I wouldn't even know where to start with a beader thingy.
Looking forward to it! ( of course as soon as the cough/puke cycle stops).

AllyseFrancis said...

I just bought a bead spinner. It is probably the best investment I've made in costuming thus far.