Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whiny Poo Poo Head

The Lovely Hadassah @ Hips Noir V

So... this is just a whiny-poo-poo-head post. I spent the last day of my vacation in September sewing a dance skirt in front of our window air conditioner. I've been sick 3 weeks now with bronchitis. I've never had bronchitis and I must say it t o t a l l y  b l o w s. My symptoms include awesome things like not being able to talk, a pulled muscle in my back, coughing so hard I've got a squishy swollen muscle over my left ribs, coughing so hard I throw up (I lost count after the 7th time,) coughing so hard my throat closes and I can't breathe in, and a weird choking sensation like when you swallow a potato chip sideways.

Ami Amore' @ Hips Noir V

The Husband Person and I spent our 4 year Anniversary just holding hands while I coughed and gurgled at the TV. I missed my Mom's birthday dinner. I had to cancel my privates. I've missed salsa class. I had to cancel teaching and performing for Hips Noir V only 2 days before. Oh yeah, and I started my period. As my nurse said, " adding insult to injury."

I was so disappointed about missing Hips Noir that I didn't want to call and cancel. I even tried practicing the week of telling myself I could do it. But after throwing up for the fifth time I finally gave in. Luckily Brittney was able to sub for me on short notice and everyone had a great class with her. I went to the workshop and sat in the back of the room watching, trying not to dance in my chair when I heard the music. (My chest muscles are so bruised I have trouble putting on a shirt.) Occasionally, I would sneak out the back door so I could cough out loud and spit phlegm out in the alley. Gross I know, but there was already puke on the sidewalk. The show was really good too. But I was sad that I couldn't zaghareet. The first time in 10 years I haven't been able to zaghareet at a show. I felt sad. I shouldn't have gone because of the smokey bar atmosphere but I really wanted to see everyone dance. Once home, I was punished by coughing till I threw up again.

Karen, Brittney Laleh, Dani @ Hips Noir V

I went back to the doctor yesterday for a second round on antibiotics and an inhaler. I'd like to say it is helping and I'm getting better but I've thrown up 3 times in 24 hours. Mostly Gatorade. I can still eat. I have just weakened my diaphragm and throat so much I either choke or puke, or both. I'm a Whiny-poo-poo-head because I can't do anything. I pass out every day after work for a few hours. Then I'm up every two hours like clockwork coughing into the toilet until about 4am.

I'm sad and sick and tired.

Project Vagabond and sick little Naima in the bottom corner @ Hips Noir V

Enough whining.

~n  (sick little naima)

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RetroKali said...

DAMN. It sounds like you have something to complain about.I have had that before ( throwing up and the whole nine) and it ain't no picnic. sorry...:(

Najla said...

Man, sorry to hear that. My doctor just diagnosed me with bronchitis but I was still able to dance tonight...and I'm feeling much better with the help of a multitude of drugs. I only wish I could share them with you to help you feel better soon.

Amy said...

Holy crap, that is awful!