Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Salsa Newb

I got tired of the top post being a picture of my rashy ankles so I decided to post an update. I gave myself a cold from sewing for hours between the vortex of air of our window air conditioner and box fan. My ankle rash finally cleared up but now I'm coughing so hard it makes my face bones hurt.

I just got back from my second salsa class. I like it a lot. I feel like the class is going a little slow for me but I'm just being impatient. Just because a can turn right (and spot) after 2 classes doesn't mean I know what I'm doing. I watch videos like the one below and get excited about wearing ruffles on my butt dancing with a sexy Latin guy with the top buttons of his shirt open. Call me a dreamer.

You know, it's a bit like being a newb Bellydancer. They get the BD bug and become overzealous watching crappy Youtube videos and buying overpriced flimsy costumes on ebay. I have to continually stop and tell myself I don't have an ear for the music yet and shouldn't get ahead of myself. We aren't even working on partnering yet. Just dancing alone. The idea of dancing face to face with another person, touching me no less, makes me break out in a sweat. ThenI think of touching a dance partner with my sweaty hands and I freak out more, sweat more, and so goes an endless cycle of sweatiness.

I did ask the Husband Person if he wanted to learn salsa with me.                             

N: "Do you want to learn sals..."

HP: "NO."

N: ...

HP: "...yes?"

N: ...

HP: "What's the correct answer?"

I'll worry about a dance partner when it comes to it. There is salsa practice hour after my class but I'm no where ready for that. Actually you know what the coolest thing about salsa is so far? Dancing in jeans and a t-shirt.


Today's quote: "Isn't it enough to know I ruined a pony to make a gift for you?"

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Genie of the Shell said...

This video is great! I love salsa dancing--not that I can do it. I've only taken a single one-hour lesson. But it looks like a lot of fun. My husband is a weird dude who would probably take lessons with me if the opportunity arose, but unfortunately he dances like a trained bear who's been drinking, and I'm pretty sure ruffly butts would fatally distract him.

Hope you feel better soon. I have also just come down with a cold. Blech.