Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Suhaila Salimpour + Max Headroom

I found the clip of Suhaila Salimpour dancing in the TV show Max Headroom espisode 3 Body Banks. You can see her dance between the 2:16 - 4:18 min. You know I've danced in some weird situations but never next to a pig.


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mood: Nathan Kim (the guy in this video)


Genie of the Shell said...

Haha, that is some weird stuff. It's oddly refreshing to see a real bellydancer on a cheesy TV show. Usually when I see a "bellydancer" with a minor part in a show, she's just a woman in bedlah not even attempting any actual bellydance moves. How impressive that this show booked a big name dancer.

Amy said...

Love it! My boyfriend and I watched an old Max Headroom tape on our second date (2002, not the 1980s).