Friday, June 18, 2010

Pastey People Embark on Wilderness Adventure

The Husband Person, C, and myself went canoeing last weekend on a 6hr float trip. I used spf 100 about 4 different times throughout the day and only came away with a slight burn on my forearms and top of knees.

We came upon some rapids where there was a large group of people sitting about, some snorkeling in the shallows. We wondered why they wouldn't get out of the way at which point we hit a rock and flipped the canoe.  HP and C, both sitting high on the bench seats were dumped into the rocks. I was sitting in the middle bottom and was rolled under the canoe for a good 10 feet or so before I could scramble out from under it. Seeing as how I don't submerge my head under water, not even in the bathtub, I was proud that I didn't gag or swallow any water. C ended up with a banged up shin and HP had a chunk cut out of his knee that bled for almost 3 hours. I on the other hand made it out with 3 minor scratches from being rolled out the side lip of the canoe. Most everything stayed in our canoe and the few things that didn't where quickly gathered up by the bystanders, (so that's why they were snorkeling!)

My old camera survived and after 3 days of drying out still works. The only thing we lost was my fantastically ugly pair of sunglasses. HP's hat never even came off his head. We even retrieved both of C's shoes which he had kicked off shortly before we flipped. Unfortunately, C tried paying it forward by helping another couple who flipped their canoe and promptly lost one of his shoes right off his foot in the swift water.

This weekend I head out for my grandmother's 80th birthday and most likely some Father's Day stuff as well.


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Vicky said...

dang it, I wanna go on a float trip!! :P which river was it on?

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