Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naima dancing in NW Arkansas

Here is a video of me dancing at the Raqs Akia hafla last November. I have a sick obsession with watching myself dance on video and over analyzing how bad I think it is. "My veils sucks. Why does it always look like I'm trying to hang laundry in the wind?" " Why does it always look like I'm frowning?" "What's up with me kicking that foot?" "Bless their hearts, they clapped for me anyway."

You know, the usual.

Then I watched this video from the same night of Adira and remember it being way more awesome in person than on this video. And I am reminded that bellydance is a much more 3D personal experience that a 2D washed out video of it. More Raqs Akia videos here.

So, we're officially going canoeing this Saturday. I have not been in the sun for more that 5-10min at a time in a very long while. I bought some spf 100, have water, and a floppy straw hat ready to go.


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Crystal said...

I learned the hard way to never show a friend a video of yourself dancing, and say "I totally mess up in this one" before hand, because they will spend the whole thing going " THAT where you messed up?" and then you're like ", that wasn't it either.."