Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BD Vlog: 11 Inappropriate Hafla Snipet

Our first Inappropriate Hafla went very well. The crowd and dancers were laid back and I think everyone had a really great time. We are planning the next one for late Summer. Super big thank you to all performers:

Jen B.
Gypsy Sol
Project Vagabond
and Bill!

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the next hafla.




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Yesterday I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn (around 5:30am,) had a headache, had a mole removed, had some blood drawn, had some "break through" women problems which I'm still having this morning, and I still haven't gone to get my tennis shoes out of Mom's car. I am feeling a little worn today. Birthweek vacation starts soon.


Now listening: IAMX
mood: I'm sorry to say the medicine I've been taking to regulate my hormone imbalance has killed my whacked out appetite as of late. So, I'll have to change my focus. Hmmm....I'd say today I'm feeling "John Cusack." Yeah, we'll go with that.

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