Wednesday, April 21, 2010

St Louis Weekend Adventure

My trip St. Louis this past weekend was not bellydance related, but low and behold, bellydance found me. The Way Ladies stopped at Dunaway Books and there on a newspaper rack was an issue of The St Louis Sinner with a fantastic cover shot of Deserae. The article is actually about a local photographer but they choose Deserae for the cover shot. I have met Deserae who is a fantastic dancer and one hell of a costume maker. She showed me a costume once that had glow-in-the-dark beads hidden in with the rhinestone bling. I thought (and still think) that was the coolest thing ever!

Other special finds from the weekend-

All the meats you could want @ Soulard Farmers Market

A beautiful day

Found: one deer leg in city trashcan on antique row. wtf?

"Mrs Robinson" @ Gringo Jones Imports

Me and Lola @ Gringo Jones Imports (she is standing on my lap)

@ McDonalds in Rolla, MO.


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Crystal said...

My car once got whacked by a van in the parking lot of that very same McDonalds in Rolla! (Um, I am guessing that Rolla only has one, because, ya know, it is Rolla!)

Dancing Deserae said...

Lol I love when I'm trying to steal inspiration from your blog and I find a photo of myself :p

Blogger said...

Anyone here needs a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFTCARD?