Thursday, April 22, 2010

BD Vlog 07: Beading

The terribly boring part of making your own bellydance costume is the beading. Repetitive and slow, here is a glimpse of me working on a costume bra.


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gypsy said...

thanks for the beading demo,i am making a costume with my wedding dress materials,dissembly starts in am,it has silk & wonderful fabric/beadwork,i have a lot of scraps ,found in trailer my sweetie bought,great stuff,like new,looked as though someone else made bd stuff,can you just use chain stiches to attach to sheer lightweight material,the chains hold coins or etc, crocheted in? i feel like i found hidden treasure,since when i bought wedding gown,got 6grand dress with endless train,pearl beading,2 goodwill store for 80 bucks,now it is too small in chest and shoulders,i was underweight @ time,so it is just calling me in the closet,i have hourglass figure,with muscular build ,but thick waist is natural,i thought about v-yoke ,french cut ,unless wearing coin scarf,also do u have any good pics of headgear,real long hair doesn't fall n place and is distracting,mine is baby-fine,hip length,i like anasayu,i think spelled ok,she is red-chestnut haircolor,i think it would help bring out eyes,and i painted the above brow dots,looked good,i don;t have films yet,but i am reading all the advice,and hope ,when i get skype comp.comp. plan to take lessons online,thanks again for tips,best wishes,gypsy.

Naima said...

Yes, the basic chain stitch is used on the crocheted BD hip wraps. The tricky part is that you have to pre-bead your thread before you do your crochet work.
As for head gear for long fine hair, Ansuya's fringed headbands are good because they hold the hair away from your face and the fringe in mostly on the forehead. Other wise, stick to plain (unfringed/coins) headbands, clips, and wraps. Fringe, coins, ribbons, etc. will just knot your hair. You can always do a high pony tail too.