Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Ever Happened to that Gypsy Lady?

Zivah, Naima, and KC - May 09

I previous mentioned one of 2 studios that where going through a transition. One of which is Red Moon Tribe, who I've had the privilage to dance and travel with on many occasions. RMT's director Zivah has had the wonderful opportunity to move with her family to work and live on a homestead here in the Ozarks. You can read about her adventures here at Ten Springs Farm.

When a dancer takes on a new job or moves to take on a new challenge in her life I like to reflect on how many different people lives' the Dance is a part of. Professionals, Journalists, Desk Jockeys, Homesteaders, Programmers, Art Directors, Beauticians, Students, etc. The Dance can really connect all different types of people.

Meanwhile, the 'Tribe' is transitioning into a new phase of leadership and organization, and I'm sure we will see many awesome things from them soon.


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