Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I opened a Goth-Industrial Bar and all I got was pen?...DOH!

Now that the utilities are closed out on GX I am tackling the end of year paper work. Soon to be followed with taxes.

I know you are in envy of my filing system shown above. It is very high tech and takes a lot of training to master. The wearing of house shoes and leg warmers are a requirement when using such scientific methods.


Now watching: Farscape season 1
mood: either all you can eat pancakes or some of K's best tacos in the world. Maybe both. Tacos and pancakes....mmmm.

PS Next Greek Night is scheduled for March 7, 2009 @ Galloway Station


Amy Danielson said...

Belly dancing AND Farscape? A woman after my own heart!

Naima said...

I Frelling love Farscape!

Carly Ann said...

I've been wearing slippers & leg warmers a lot! So I feel a lot better now about filing my taxes. :)