Monday, January 26, 2009

Blurry Dancing Girl

I was stuck waiting at my appointment to have my labret changed for an extra 30 mins Saturday. By the time I made it across town I had missed all but the last minute of the zill duet and then Ananya closing the show. Here are some blurry pics to show I made it at the last second.

There was a really good crowd for the BD this year and I heard people talking about how they liked the variety of different BD represented (cabaret, fusion, tribal, etc).

And now a handful of unremarkable Visoncon pics.

Notice I hang with pirates and monkeys.

Now watching: Farscape season 1 into season 2 today
mood: corn dogs with yellow mustard and a coke


Matt said...

Ha, one of the few VC pics I remember being taken of me. Well actually I just remember you walking in, raising your camera into the air and taking a picture before walking out!!!

btw I like to peel from behind pink cowboy hats, just so ya know who this be!

Naima said...

AH you found me! Now my secret identity is out! LOL

Yeah, I see you peaking there. These are all the pics I took. I know I suck. My plans where to go and take my pic with everyone in costume all celebrity style. Then someone gave me a "chocolate cake shot" and I kinda gave up on juggling my camera AND my cup o'booze. HAHAHA!

Matt said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Chocolate cake shot was invented to ruin peoples lives!!! 1 down,6,706,993,151 people to go!!!!

don't feel so bad, I took 13 pictures with a grand total of 4 worth really showing anyone, I missed VC so much!