Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tired of Why's choking on Why's, Just need a little Because, Because

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Why is it better to say you do Belly dance instead of Middle Eastern style dance when you are in America?

Why is it better to say you are Canadian instead of American when you are any where else?



Sa'dia said...

Here are my answers/opinions:

Because when you say 'middle eastern dance' to blue collar Joe, he cocks his head, furrows his brow and looks at you like a confused puppy dog. Unfortunately, when you say bellydance he perks up and gives you that 'Yeah, I know what you do' look that makes you feel slimy all over. It's a loose- loose situation with most Americans :(

Because most Americans are a*sholes. Were the ones who leave our trash on the train car in England, who get snippy when we cant find a English speaking citizen in Spain, who know best and try to take over the word one little war at a time. Everyone hates us... and frankly, I don't blame them.

Sa'dia said...

Ha! I left out a crucial apostrophe in my above comment... We're, not Were. TYPO OOOOPS!