Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Layout


After much frowning at my last blog layout I decided to change it again.

No nifty BD updates. I've been busy with other things such as,

Tearing up perfectly good VHS tapes to make recycled crochet bags with them.

Here is my Showdown in Little Tokyo bag in progress. I didn't know how much crochet I would get out of 79 mins. of video so I had to make the straps with Tae Bo Basics with Billy Banks. Which I feel is quite fitting. It is done but I have no finished pics of it.

Posing with the ladies @ S.I.N. Wrath this past Saturday.
Naima, Ananya, Jen, and Vicky

I also had a really fun girl-day @ Lu's house. I hope we can continue meeting once a month or so. I definately enjoyed the destress time away from work and the club.

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