Monday, June 02, 2008

BD Workshop in Lincoln NE

The Athenian Dancers invite you to their

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Lincoln Woman's Club, Lincoln Nebraska

This year's teachers will be:

Shiara: Drum Solo

Della: Taxeem Choreography
Magdalene: Diva Dance
Shelley Brackhan Fritz : Latin Dance Basics

Get info and reg form here


Now playing: Spawn (the animated series)
mood: Memphis style BBQ sandwich (pulled or chopped pork sandwich topped with sweet, finely chopped coleslawand served on hamburger buns), and baked beans.

I had a really creepy dream about my navel ring falling out and when I tried to put it back in my guts kept falling out of the hole in my belly. My urethrae was the size of a garden hose. It was creepy queasy gross and things like that don't usually gross me out.

I think maybe I just had to pee.

My belly is fine btw.


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