Thursday, April 17, 2008

Em's Nerdy-Thirty No Talent Lip Sync Contest Extravaganza

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Now playing: more Invader Zim (with the commentary on, thank you very much).
mood: chocolate ice cream w/hot fudge (it should follow this bacon and mustard sandwich nicely).

Yeah, so my name isn't really Naima... but it's not really Em either, HAHAHA!

Although, "Hey You!" works too.

Anyway, for my birthday pleasure this year, I have commanded a Lip Sync Contest in my honor with fabulous useless prizes. The contest is sure to be a riot and shenanigans will ensue. I especially like the "no talent" contest part, thank you Jman.

So if you're itchin' to show off your Milli Vanilli skills I will see you on July 5th. That should be plenty of time to get an act together.

err... whatever

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