Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RMT @Joplin Renn Fest


Red Moon Tribe will be performing at the First Annual Joplin Rennaisance Festival!

April 26 and 27, 2008

Village of Fareham located in Landreth Park – Joplin, Missouri

In participation with: Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity

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"Nothing has rocked Joplin like this, since the earthquake of 1811!

The Joplin Renaissance Festival will offer many examples of true life in the Renaissance time. There will be several encampments in the village
where the residents live in true period fashion. There will be
reenactments and living history tours. Plus a Birds of Prey free flight
Bring the children to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth, but don't expect them to receive a Knighting without a little effort!"

"Let the little one's explore the children's area, offering games and
special fun events just for them."

"one admission gets you all of this, plus

The Limey Birds

Queens Gambit

Barbarian Battles

Byron T. Bear

Red Moon Tribe

The Bedlam Bards

The Lord Mayor's Company

The Musical Blades

Matthew the Magician

The Royal Gauntlet

Steven Peyton magic

Lord Kerridyn

Brother Donald

The Sonic Sidhe


Brambles School of Defence

Twisted Blades


The Brotherhood of Steel

Where else can you find this much for
so little?"

Joplin Renaissance Festival is proudly sponsored by:
The Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Red Moon Tribe will be performing four shows a day:

10:15am at The Arabesque Stage

12:00pm at The Cock & Bull Stage (near the Cat's Claw Pub)

3:00pm at The Arabesque Stage

4:00pm at The Royal Smoker (near the Cat's Claw Pub)

and be sure to see us in The Last Huzzah show at closing gate, St. James Stage, starting at 5:15pm

Come see us at our Gypsy Encampment near The Arabesque Stage! we have Gypsy Gems for the little ones and will be sharing a bit o' Gypsy Magic with the Good Folke and visitors of Fareham Village!

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