Monday, December 03, 2007

BD Full Circle

pic: Naima in a blur of battery powered Christmas lights

Here are two spifty posts I wrote last week while ramped up on cold meds but never posted. Have fun!


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Ways to improve your holiday dance season:

  • BD themed Christmas music by Brothers of Baladi, (good background music for those holiday parties).

  • Dig out your red and green costumes, and accessories.

  • Wear a Santa Hat, toss mini candy canes from Santa Hat, use Santa Hat to put tips in, put Santa Hat on others. (Santa Hat = handy and fun!) *see the BIG gooftastic pic of me on the sidebar ->

  • String battery powered LED Christmas light around yourself, (FYI – put the battery pack into an old knee-high sock and pin this to the inside of your belt. This helps keep the battery pack all in one piece from all the shimmies.)

  • Throw on some jingle bells, metallic tree garland, or mardi gras bead necklaces, anything that is metallic and shiny.

  • Dance with a tray of candles. (Fire = holiday cheer!)

  • Last week I managed to convert 16 BD albums over to MP3. While doing so, I had a flash back to the movie “Return to OZ,” where there is a scene that I thought one of the characters plays an instrument that sounded like a kanoon. So I Googled the movie for images. I found a pic of the character in the movie, Princess Mombi, but she is playing something more like a sitar. I went to to see who the actress is which brought up a list of all characters. I saw Dorothy listed, who was played by Fairuza Bulk, and I clicked on her profile. Come to find out, “Fairuza” means turquoise in Farsi and that her mom was a bellydancer. It came full circle. Nifty, huh?

    Which makes sense, ‘cause if you ever watch the remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau, they introduce Fairuza’s character by showing her dancing for like 2 seconds. And if you pay attention you will see she is bellydancing. Extra nifty, huh?


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    I’m feeling slightly accomplished in BDville today. Last night I had some unrelated sewing to do, but also fixed a gold BD dress and worked on the skirt and sleeves of my “never finished” yellow costume. I also did some work on my workshop handouts and choreography notes. Go me!

    AND, since I’ve recently been converting my new BD albums to MP3, I figured it was time to get rid of the old ones. I gathered up around 35 CDs and 7 cassette tapes priced at $1 or $5 to sell at the May workshop. I may even dig out an old costume piece or two to part with. I have too much neglected stuff. It is time for it to find a new and loving home. I know I could post this stuff online but I prefer not to hassle with shipping and such. People are also more likely to part with their money when there isn’t an extra $5 for shipping tacked on. All the more reason you should come to the workshop!


    (haha, I went to type ~N, but typed ?N...gonna be one of those days)

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