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Question to Dancers

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So, I'm trying to put together my notes for the workshop in May, and while the gist of the workshop will be about stage presence and choreography, I'm curious as to what you, as dancers, want from a workshop.

For me, I can go to just about any workshop from any teacher and get something out of it. But there are different types of learners, needs, etc. out there. So when you go to a workshop what are the top 3 things that make the workshop worth while?

Please leave a comment to this post. Be as simple or detailed as you like.



Natalia said...

I've been thinking about this... and it's a very hard question! Hard to pin down.

I think the number one thing is that the instructor have a clear plan what they want to teach. Of course, they will probably need to modify their plan based on the needs of the specific students in the workshop, but I think having a clear plan from the get go sets the tone for the workshop. I think it makes the students take the class more seriously, which helps everyone learn better.

Also, making sure that
the music used in the workshop is available for sale, either from the teacher or another vendor. I think everyone makes sure that music used for a taught choreo is available, but it's frustrating if they use an awesome CD for the warmup, and it's not available.

Oh, and I get a lot more out of workshops where the instructor ensures regular rotating of rows. I don't think students remember to do it on their own.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm not thinking of anything just yet. I'll comment again if anything comes to mind. :)

Scarlett said...

When it comes to choreography, I always prefer instructors who provide notes and/or will allow you to tape them or yourself performing the dance at the workshop.
I know videotaping is a sticky subject but when you pay upwards of $50 for a workshop and no video/dvd is available for purchase, I think it is fair for the instructor to let you tape a piece of the workshop.
For one it would never be a quality of recording where you could profit from it, and obviously the ultimate goal of the workshop is for the student to learn the choreography.

Don't try to cram too much into the workshop. I would rather finish early and spend more time reviewing than be done right at the end and feel like you didn't absorb everything.

And I also appreciate the flipping of the rows.

Young Vic said...
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