Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The problems with Naima’s Bellydance Blog

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The problems with Naima’s Bellydance Blog:

  1. She spends lots of time writing big long posts that have nothing to do with BD. She has to delete them and start over trying to stay on task. This is a blog about Bellydance after all.

  2. She thinks more in pictures, colors, smells, and grunts than words which makes writing words about BD difficult. (I.e. “Red peppermint, sunlight, merf, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes,” …Which doesn’t make sense OR could be a really nifty new breakfast cereal.)

  3. A crappy camera. Blogs, while filled with words to read, kinda suck. Pictures make them better.

  4. Not enough hours in the day. There are 168 hours in a 7 day week. [168 – 65 hrs work – 56 hrs or so of sleep – bathing – chores – wasting time – travel – drinking coffee - using the bathroom = lack of motivation.]

  5. She has ZERO monies. Zero monies make it hard to go on BD adventures or buy fun new products to talk about.

  6. She is currently writing in the third person about herself for no reason. She is sure that gives her more thumbs down than thumbs up. (She also can’t remember if punctuation goes inside or outside of the parentheses and is too lazy to bother looking it up!)!

Working on my workshop notes has really got me thinking about the dance in abstract terms. Most people would be working on movements and interpretation of their feelings. All of my ideas are stuck in my head and I think I am going to bust a vein. I mean, I’m starting to think of things in Latin terms and names and I don’t even know Latin. Residual cold medicine I guess.

I actually have some spifty things to post in the next few days. As usual, bare with me.


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