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Easy Emergency Tummy Cover

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Here is a spifty way to make an emergency tummy cover out of a pair of pantyhose for next to no money. Aside from taking pictures and watching TV while I did this, it only took 15-20mins. Here you will cut the legs and crotch from the hose, turn them 90 degrees, and attach straps so you can wear them from under your bra over your stomach and under your belt.

You do need a few things before hand but once you have them you are pretty much set any time you need a tummy cover. I suggest you try this once when you have free time. That way you can find out what works best and be prepared for an emergency in the future.

• Buy yourself a pair of clear, removable, adjustable bra straps (see pic). You can keep these in your dance bag so you will always have them. Mine cost just under $5 from the local fabric store. I also believe you can find these at places like Walmart, Kmart, Target, and such with the lingerie.

• Needle and thread - Any thread and needle will do, even from a travel size sewing kit (which you should keep in your dance bag). I used yellow because that was the first color I grabbed. It will not show so it doesn’t matter.
• Pair o’Scissors
• One Pair of panty hose. I don’t have any special recommendations here other than they need to have a seat/waist area like those on control top hose instead of just sheer from toe to top. Also, when you wear them naturally, you should be able to pull the waist band all the way up to your breasts. I am short waisted so all pantyhose fit me like this. If you have a long torso or are fuller figured you might have to play around with bigger/taller sizes. Remember we are cutting the legs off. What is important is the seat/waist area.
• A few safety pins

Step 1 – Try on Hose
Put on the hose and make sure the waist band can be pulled all the way up to your breasts fairly comfortably. It shouldn’t pull too tight in the crotch, snag, or rip. If it doesn’t stretch enough, try a different pair of hose until you find a pair that does.

Step 2 – Cutting Stuff
Cut the legs off of the hose below the crotch (see pic). Then cut from one leg hole straight across the crotch to the other leg hole. Now you are left with just the upper part of the hose in a tube shape. I know it looks really small like it won’t fit. Don’t worry it will stretch.

Step 3 – Try on Hose Again
Slip into the tube with the seams lined up along your sides instead of the front and back. Make sure the waist band can still be pulled all the way up to your breasts and the bottom stretches below where your belt line will be.
Mark, or make note of, where the straps should go. This is not a fine science, just kind of eyeball it. Remember, the straps will attach to the waist band in front toward the outside of your breasts, whereas the straps will attach more evenly in the middle of the back to prevent sagging. (This means the straps will be attached further apart in front so boobs will fit in between and closer together in back so it doesn’t roll down and “back-fat” show.)

Step 4 – Thread Needle
I recommend treading a long piece of thread through the needle and knotting the ends together (see pic). This way you get double the thread for every stitch you make.

Step 5 – Sew Things
Loosen the adjustable straps so they are as long as possible. Now line one of them up on the hose and whip stitch the hook tightly into place where you previously decided/marked to the waist in front and then to the back (see fuzzy pic). Repeat with the other strap. Don’t worry about mistakes. All of this will be hidden under your bra. You can always cut the thread and redo it. Don’t forget to knot the thread before you cut the ends so it doesn’t unravel once you are done.

Step 6 – Try on Hose Again - Again
That’s it you’re done! You can adjust the length of the straps so they line up under your bra. You can secure the bottom of the tummy cover with a few safety pins to your undies, skirt, or belt, whatever works with your costume. I used 4 mini safety pins to pin it to my dance bloomers, one in front, back, and both sides. Remember, this is an emergency tummy cover for when you need a little more coverage on the fly, such as a workshop, or an “I feel fat” day. It isn’t meant to last forever. Once it starts to rip or get funky, cut your straps off and save them for the next time. You can also spot fix any small snags with some clear nail polish, eyelash glue, or other clear drying adhesive to get you through in a pinch.

Here is my panty hose tummy cover worn under a regular bra. Unfortunately, it does not cover "arm pit fat" as seen in the bottom pic. Oh well. When I figure that one out I will let you know.


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