Monday, November 12, 2007


(photo of Gita by Raven at Springfield BD Meetup)

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I went to Gita’s memorial Saturday. I saw some old friends.
Haleema said, “We should stop meeting like this.”
Very true.

The memorial was very nice, but I was crying within the first 5 minutes and ended up out in the lobby for most of it. I cry very easy and then my head puffs up for the next 24hrs. I can watch a sad movie on TV and the next day it looks like my husband beat me by the way my eyes get red and puffy.

Later in the evening there was a celebration of life party which was much more light hearted. The family put together a slide show and video of Gita which was super neat. The pics from the 40s and 50s were particularly fun. Then of course there was dancing. After which I left to go to work at the club. There were some oldie but goodie numbers some of the girls danced to. I will have to dig through my music again. OH! And I swear I will beat Jemina up for her dresses one of these days. And I know she reads this…You better keep watch over your shoulder.

This weekend Sashi of Ascend will be at Ground Xero (1109 E Commercial, Springfield, MO) on Friday, Nov. 16th for Blotmonath IV. Cover is $7, 21+ only. Check her out here:

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