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Drowning in Music

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At what point do you have too much music?
I would say when you spend more time going through it than you do dancing to it. A few years ago, I started converting all of my music over to MP3 in order to save space. You know, lug around 6-7 albums or just one CD with all of those albums on it. I have 17 MP3 discs full of music and another 20 or so CDs that are still on original hard copies not yet converted over.

If you like math, that means I have well over 100 BD albums. Mind you, this doesn’t count any of the remixes or cut sets I have made over the years with different songs spliced together for performances or CDs from old group performances that have music that belong to other dancers.

And, if you really like math, you can take that number multiplied by the going $ rate of CDs (don’t forget import prices,) and come to the conclusion that if my house ever burned down…well, I’d be less than pleased.

The ironic thing is, probably half of my collection is of the same 20 or so “classic” songs that are on EVERY bellydance album ever made. Not to mention, after the 50th or so tabla solo, they all sound pretty much the same.

I digress.

I went digging through my collection looking for a song on one of my videos that I KNEW I had but of course had no clue where to look. I only took me listening to the first 20 seconds of each song on about 25 albums to find it. That and running back and forth to the VCR because after half a dozen songs, I’d get a new song stuck in my head and not remember what song I was actually looking for.

Oh hey! Greek night was Saturday. Kind of just blew right past me there. It went Ok. It wasn’t the best or worst crowd we’ve had. Dani danced the intros and outros with Sa’dia and me just to get her feet wet. She did very well considering she just got this gia-normous (giant + enormous = made up word) tattoo the day before from her right hip all the way around, up her back to her left shoulder. Seven hours of work I think she said. She only made wincing faces a few times when we were trying to strap her into a bra.

The second set was kind of a mess. They started the music way before we were ready. We went running out from the back and all 3 of us had a bra malfunction of some kind. Sa’dia had two sets of bra straps. Only one set was hooked. The other set were just dangling at her sides. My bra wasn’t haltered and the straps just slid right off my shoulders. I danced around with my arms up for most of the intro to keep the straps on until Aicha and I could sneak out of the room and hook the back up. Dani’s bra back came completely undone before she even made it out of the kitchen and missed the first song and a half while Nick (the waiter) helped her pin it back on. Aside from some costume malfunctions, we made it through without showing any boobage. Dani even made a few tips.

Oh, LOL, I almost forgot. I have a confession. Every time I turned my back on the audience at Greek Night, I was totally distracted by the TV hanging from the wall behind me. During the first set there was a football game on. During the second set it was That 70’s Show. That was terribly unprofessional of me even though no one noticed, but funny when I think about it.

Going back through all of my music like this reminds me of the place I was at when certain songs were fresh in my mind, choreographies and such.

And, I keep thinking, “God, I was such a novice then!”

But then I think, “Wait, what about now? What happens when I look back on myself at this time now in a few years? Will I still think I am a bumbling novice then too?”

Great…I’m a bumbling novice RIGHT NOW and don’t even know it!

Last but not least…

A silver filigree hand of Fatima pendant courtesy Ananya. It matches the earrings she gave me. HOOOOO!

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