Friday, July 20, 2007

You Won!

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I opened my email yesterday to find I had come in 3rd in the latest Shimmycast drawing and won some spiffy prizes. Yay! I will post them when they arrive. I spoke with Anala, from Shimmycast, via email about submitting a review on tomorrows Jim Boz workshop. She kindly asked if I would be interested in submitting something about henna as well after seeing my post from my recent henna project. I have lots 'o writing ahead of me.

Here is a recent pic of my yellow costume project. It is slowly starting to resemble something along the lines of a costume. However, all of the pieces shown here are just sort of wrapped around and dangling off of the mannequin. I'm not sure what I am going to do with the sleeves from the original top I cut up to make the bra...whether to keep them or scrap them for more material. I think I may put it on the back burner again because I really would like to work on the argyle costume and have it done by October's Ariellah workshop.

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