Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Coin Wrap to Bedlah Sew Along Task 3: Cover the Bra Base with Fabric

 Yes, the darts are folded different from one another. No problem, it will get covered with sequins and coins.
This week's task finishes up bra building by covering the entire bra base with fabric creating a foundation for decorating. I use scraps fabric left over from my wedding dress to cover the bra. It has a satiny shine to it and is almost a perfect match to the red of the coin wrap. I used on solid piece of fabric for each half of the bra and joined them in the middle. I had a lot of trouble getting the second dart to lay right so I just folded it the opposite direction of the other dart. Both darts will be covered so all is well.

Close up of inside stitching along the cup

Fabric pinned into place

Fabric pinned into place

Fabric along the curved edge of the cup is snipped to allow the fabric to lay smooth along the edge

Inside view of cups

Inside view

One side covered!

Next Task 4: Cutting the coin wraps, layout and design check (online Sept 12th-ish)

  • Coin wrap
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue

Want to see ALL of the pictures from my bra build? Join the Flickr Sew Along group and add your own at http://www.flickr.com/groups/bellydancesewalong/.

Good luck and have fun!



Panda and Buddy said...

OMG. That little boober hit the kitty lottery. Now he's getting bottle fed, held, and has his picture on FB. Next he'll get his on FB page...which really isn't a bad idea.

nazani said...

For anyone else who has to bottle-feed a kitten, remember that they need to nurse in an almost prone position like they were on their tummies at their mother's side. Unlike human babies, nursing in an upright position or lying on their backs will create indigestion.