Monday, May 28, 2007

Naima's wishlist

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Here are a few items that are on my BD wish list.

This super awesome silver bedlah with gold accents from . I really like the scalloped edge and looped fringe.

I have been wanting a silver Hand of Fatima pendant for a long time. I am kinda particular about the style though. I like the kind that hang down with the double thumb or thumb on both sides. I also really like the ones that have filigree work, but the solid metal ones are cool too. They range from pretty to earthy. The pendants seem to come small. I want one that is a least 2inches long if not bigger. I found this pretty one with blue stones on a German blog. No idea where it came from but it's nice. I'm still waiting for one to call my name.

I want a really full skirt like this one fromScarlet's Lounge. The material on this 10 yard skirt is gorgeous! I know, I could make one but I'm lazy.

I also want a Randa Kamel performance video. I've been holding out for the one from the Nagwa Fouad workshop hosted by Little Egypt last August in Dallas, which I saw live. All they currently have available is the Miami show.


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