Monday, May 28, 2007

Blast from the past IV

Ok, I don't remember the name of the group or what year this was. But, I do remember this was a really cute Tunisian dance and the girl in the middle is Jane, Dahlal International's main model. She's modeled for Dahlal for like ever. If you know more about the dance or dancers in this pic leave a comment.

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Natalia said...

I'm pretty sure the one in front (in black) is Aren, also from Belly Dance Mirage.

Naima said...

You are correct!

Sorry, Naima's bellydance blog has no prizes for being awesome.
Naima is doing the "You're awesome" wiggle in her chair right now.
Hope that is enough for your time and trouble =)

Natalia said...

Hee hee. an "I'm awesome" wiggle is more than enough for me. :)