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"Things He Do"

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So, I’ve been meaning to post a bit about Naima’s bellydance customs and product use. I hesitate to call these tips as they are more just things I currently do until I change my mind.
First, in preparation for summer bellydancing, I have begun the arduous task of using tanning lotion. I do not go to a tanning bed, lay out, or recommend such practices. While I like my pasty white skin it is somewhat “problematic.” So a bit of color goes a long way to disguise my less than perfect skin.

I am trying out Aveeno’s self tanner this summer. I use other Aveeno products regularly due to their non-irritating benign nature. So far, so good. I did not take a before picture, but as you can see, I have a slightly more tanned (albeit slightly hairy) arm as compared to the control, aka “white piece of paper”.

Interjection: OK! My left upper eyelid keeps having muscle spasms! This happens to me every so often, always my left side. I looked it up once, and best I can tell is caused by stress. I am currently in a happy non-stressed mood, but just goes to prove my “big eye-little eye crazy” theory. I must be joining the club ;) <-see twitchy left eye.

Bellydance Triage
I also take my BD emergency kit (or some form of it) with me to every performance. Must haves include:
Safety pins (I also keep a couple of these pinned to the inside of my cover up for that last resort emergency)
Eyelash glue (can also be used to fix broken jewelry or snags/runs in costume)
Bobbie pins (or some form of hair widget)
Head med (for headaches and such)
Chewable Gas X (mostly handy at workshops or performance in which food directly before/during/after performance is involved)
Travel size sewing kit (for sewing the bra strap that breaks back on right before a performance. Been there, done that.)

What started out and a medium size plastic tub (that Sa’dia put together) transformed into my 3 tier pink Caboodle. Yes, it is an original Caboodle from the ‘80s that I received as a birthday gift back in the day. (I actually have 2 of them ‘cause I’m so awesome.) I even sent away for the little gold name plate that attaches to the lid, which until very recently, was still attached. Over all, my Caboodle is pretty much a glorified tackle box with a built in mirror. Since there is plenty of room I have included make-up, my rhinestone costume jewelry, toothbrush and paste, body glitter, handy wipes, hair spray, and various other beauty supplies.

Sa’dia’s original kit included this handy plastic box (with labels) that holds medicine, pins, ear plugs, band aides, etc. that fits neatly into the bottom of my Caboodle. I also reuse old plastic film cases to hold safety pin, fake eyelashes, and such. While all of this is overkill for most BD needs, there have been enough freak things come up, either for me or my fellow dancers, where my BD kit has been much appreciated. Not to mention, with just about everything in one place I save time by not having to tear the house apart looking for supplies. In the end, it comes to: costume on, cover-up on costume, shoes on feet, music in right hand, BD ER kit in left hand, and I’m ready to go.

Next: A comment on Dance shoes.

(The title to this post, "Things He Do," is an Invader Zim quote... unrelated, I love Dib!)

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