Monday, April 09, 2007

BD Public Service Announcement

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Jeez, I’ve really fallen down on the job here. My Easter weekend started off with going to the doctor for having been sick 4 out of the past 5 weeks. I had a strep test and blood work done (and my vein rolled, so now I’ve got a big puke-y green and purple bruise,) checking for anemia, mono, and my thyroid. All of which were negative. Good for me, but doesn’t tell me why I’ve been repeatedly sick. I am on mandatory 8hrs. sleep a night plus eat healthy and live a good moral life, etc. If I continue to relapse into illness I have to go back in a few weeks. I spent all of last week playing all of the special features of Lord of the Rings trilogy that you would never normally watch while I worked. Listening to commentaries and special features is one of the best things to pass time if you have a repetitive desk job like I do. Because, unless you are a huge fan of said movies, you wouldn’t really want to waste your time learning that Gandalf’s White Wizard costume actually had like 3 layers of embroidered robes that you never actually see in the movie. But, if you are like me, and stuck in one spot for 10+ hours a day listening to only your own typing, it is quite entertaining. Plus Viggo (sp?) isn’t all that bad to look at…

So…I haven’t been able to work on the posts I have mentioned the past week. In order to make up for it, here is my Bellydance Public Service Announcement Good Deed (I received the flyer in the mail):

Show Me Your Shimmy – June2-3, 2007 (presented by Travelers of the Silk Road)
Roanoke Community Center, 3601 Roanoke Rd. Kansas City, MO.
John Compton, Siham Ali, and Layla bint Ali
By May 29/After
Sat $65/75
Sun $65/75
All Wkend $95/105
Sat. Show ticket $10

The email and such is actually illegible on the flyer, but I’m sure you can Google it for more info. I will not be attending (as you know from previous posts) due to money and time. I’m sure John Compton is worth checking out considering he is coming all the way to the Midwest for a decent price.

Meanwhile, I am trying to gear up for the next Greek Night on May 12th. It is Galloway Station’s 4yr. anniversary. They want “something special” this time. Neither Sa’dia or I have any idea what that could be. Anyway, I threw Bellydancing for Fortune and Fame in my CD player to get in the mood. It’s an alright CD with kind of a Turkish/old school feel, but it’s not screaming anything to me. It just made me furrow my brow, get depressed about being uninspired, change music, and pretend I am driving in my car with the windows down on a beautiful day.
You know, it’s hard to have a BD blog when you can’t seem to do any dancing…


Crystal said...

Dude, it's the mysterious Bellydancer Malady! I have been sick for like 2 months now! I have lost track of the number of needles I've been jabbed with.

The best LOTR bonus things are:
a) "A day in the life of a hobbit", or similar title, from Fellowship


b) Actor commentary on Fellowship- Someone says something hilarious about penguins that I can't remember now.

Also, if Ian McKellan weren't like 60 and gay, I would totally marry him.

However, if you want to REALLY appreciate the movies, you do what I did:

1) Get a tooth that requires a root canal
2) Go see the nice lady with an office by Cox South
3) Request the awesome movie goggles that let you watch a movie while they drill into your head.
4) Request the laughing gas
5) Have the best time EVER.

I was so sad that they finished my tooth before I even hit the council of Elrond. I was like "Do more!"

Naima said...