Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a Steal!

I have been stalking this costume online for some time now. It had a list price of $295 but had been discounted down to $195 due to the back of the belt was "upside down." I patiently waited for about a year until the price finally dropped to $75. I greedily snagged it up and within 2 hours cut the fringe off and resewed it on the correct side. It only took me that long because I spaced it out over 2 evenings. To be honest, the 3 different color blues (fabric, fringe, bead detail,) make it a little homely. But for a D cup bedlah with all of those sew on stones and fringe for $75 who cares?

I mean really, how do you not notice the fringe is hanging from the wrong edge? The model in the online store photo looked like she was sitting in a child's booster seat from the way the belt humped up on her back.

Fringe removal.

The width of each color varied so I laid it out in the most ascetically pleasing way before sewing it on.

 Fringe reattached to the correct belt edge.

Lining stitched back into place.


Fun Fact: When I opened up the bra lining to remove the pads I discovered that the cups are made out of a stiff green vinyl.

Happy clearance hunting!


*UPDATE 01/02/15  *  BONUS PIC!

Original model photo from website. If you stare at it long enough you will start to see scary faces.


Kis said...

Omg!!!!!!!! Amazing!

Happy thanksgiving!

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