Wednesday, September 10, 2014


My late July trip to Indianapolis for the Jonatan Derbaq and Deniz workshop was went great. I met some lovely fellow dancers while there. Dancing to live music was the cherry on top. Not to mention a stop at Dahlal's and 14 hours of riding in a car nerding out about dance, music, teaching styles, gossip, AND eating, hands down, the best food I've had in my entire life at Firefly Grill in Illinois. 

Next up, Malaika hosted Bahia for a 2 day workshop in late August. I was super stoked about this and I found out that our dance philosophies have A LOT in common. But also, MANY differences. Thinking about our different viewpoints has actually helped me better define and articulate how I feel about my personal dance philosophy. Which is great. That means I'm still thinking for myself.

Saturday's afternoon class thinking "Masculine thoughts," with Bahia. Which apparently translates to "show me your guns!"

With the lovely Bahia. 


Photos 1,2,and 3 generously borrowed from my FB friends.


Kis said...

Does that mean you got your bra/ belt set at last?

Naima Dance said...

Yes I did! I am wearing it in photo 2. I have since fitted the hooks and cup angle better. I have pics of it to come.