Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Family Member

Starting with bare bones.

After my debut of the silver shamadan, the lovely Melhessa gave me her gold shamadan. GAVE me. Like here, take this. It is plain-jane but incredibly light in comparison to the silver one. I will most likely semi-retire the silver shamadan. It is difficult to transport and oh so heavy. Pick up the chair you are currently sitting in, put it on your head and light it on fire. Yeah, it's like that. So, I got to work making the new gold family member dance ready.

Blurring pic of the super un-sexy nut and bolt used to tighten the headband.

Inside the headpiece's framework.

Using foam left over from the silver shamadan I cut strips to line the interior of the headpiece for a custom fit. I then cut strips of left over fire proofed curtain fabric to cover the foam for a nice finish. I don't plan to catch myself on fire but I find having a "fire proofed" headliner amusing.

I used hot glue to wrap the fabric around the foam strips. Every time I use hot glue I think to myself, "Wow hot glue is so easy and convenient to use! Why don't I use it more often?" And then I promptly burn the piss out of myself.

Applying hot glue to the interior of the headpiece where the foam strips will go.

In progress.

I added gold, copper, and silver rhinestones glued around the frame with E600 adhesive for extra bling.

Different sizes and colors should pick up the light without adding weight.

Green/gold metallic flower clipped to the headband for panache.

Back lit by the window but lovely nonetheless. The headpiece is still utilitarian in design. I flip-flop between adding more bling or leaving it simple. Either way, a lit candelabra on your head is always epic.

I got this.


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