Monday, August 12, 2013

Shamadan Respec

So, I bought a shamadan.

This really wouldn't have been my first pick for a shamadan. It is incredibly heavy and the center post is crooked. It did have 2 very important things going for it. It was only $50 and it is the same shamadan used at my wedding. Double score.

By the way, this shamadan is a beast! Sixteen candle holders total making it very top heavy. No matter how much I adjusted the padding or tightened the skull cap I could not keep it balanced. So I removed the entire top row of candle holders. Not because it made it lighter, (most of the weight comes from the rod in the center,) but to change the shamadan's center of gravity. It is easier to balance now with the shamadan's widest part closer to my head instead of 3 or so feet above it. Once I was able to walk around the room without incident I got to work on giving it a little bling.

 Blowing out the shamadan candles like a big bellydance cake after Amira's zeffa at my wedding. Props to Amira for rocking a 16 candle shamadan.

Metal rings and beads get salvaged from 2 different necklaces.

I attached beaded swags from the holes left by the removed arms.

Bead swag bottom view. This disguises the space gap left after removing the 5 top holders really well.

This piece of beaded fringe is attached using the metal rings from the other salvaged necklace.

Multiple layers of foam added and/or removed. I'm still working to get the right amount of padding in the right places.

My next challenge was the shamadan was stored in a green Christmas tree/decoration bag stuffed with pillows and foam for protection. I liked the bag idea but I wanted something more solid but still light enough to carry. Unfortunately, the shamadan is bigger than any solid container I can find to transport it in that isn't super heavy or super expensive. 

I decided to have a go at creating a case that will allow the shamadan to sit upright and stay protected using cardboard, duct tape, and my left over poly tubing from hoop making. If it works, Yay! If not I'm not out any money.

 I made a circle big enough for the shamadan to slip through. This will be the bottom support of the case. Boober, the needle eater, is on supervising duty.

I crafted a base from a cardboard box and some duct tape to fit the size of the hoop.

Three tube side supports added to the base with duct tape. You can see the green bag in this photo.

A matching hoop taped on top.

Doing a quick test to see if the shamadan will fit.

Getting a feel for how the cardboard sides will be attached.

Supervisor Boober patiently waits in his executive office for the finished product. Watching. Always watching.

More cardboard and duct tape. It's starting to come together!

With the new case inside of the bag it will not zip shut. I'm ok with that. The case keeps my shamadan safe and the bag provides carrying handles and additional space for transporting candles, lighter, and accessories. It won't win a beauty contest but it will get the job done. Best of all, it cost no additional money to make. I intend on adding more shiny bead swags to the shamadan when time allows.

Here is a link to a great shamadan info source by UK dancer, Candi.


BONUS PIC: An interior view of the Supervisor's executive office.


Juliana Batista said...

hi you have to stamp on my blog. kisses

Adonia said...

OMG! Your a prop GENIUS!!!! I have got to make a box like that for traveling with Shamadan!

Naima said...

@Adonia, Thanks! It doesn't look very glamorous but seems to be a good start. I can even fit a fire extinguisher in the out bag. So that's a plus.