Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tutorial: Shortening Straps Without Cutting Them

I need to shorten these straps 4 inches but I don't want to cut into the strap if I can help it. Cutting means loose beads and frayed ends. It also makes it harder to lengthen them in the future. I am going to open up the bra cup lining, move the strap down, and replace the lining without cutting any part of the strap.

You will need:
Seam ripper
Thread and needle
Measuring tape
Pins or safety pins

  • First mark the amount of length you want to shorten measuring from the cup up the strap. I measured 4 inches from the the cup and marked it with a safety pin, (top pic.) Then I seam ripped off a few rhinestones that I will use to replace broken ones on the belt.

  •  Then seam rip the lining stitches to expose the strap.

  • Next, seam rip the strap off of the cup.

  • Now slide the strap down to the mark you have made making sure to tuck the end of the strap smoothly under the lining. Also, make sure the strap has not twisted and is facing the correct direction. 
  • Pin in place. 
  • Stitch the strap back onto the cup, (not shown.)

  • To replace the lining, loosen a few stitches so you have a thread tail 2-3 inches long.

  • Tuck the tail under the lining. Make sure the remaining stitches are still tight and smooth after all of the tugging you have been doing on the lining.

  • Begin your first stitch 3-4 stitches back from the open edge of the lining and sew right over the top of the original stitches.

  • When you get to the last original stitch continue sewing to close the hole you have made.

  • Once you have sewn around to the other side of the hole, repeat the process of tucking under the tail and sew over 3-4 of the original stitches.
  • Knot and cut your thread.
  • Repeat all steps on the other side and you've shortened the straps without cutting them!

Good as new!

Find more info on altering bra straps at Shushanna's costume tutorials page. She has nifty diagrams and everything.

Have fun and good luck!


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WOW! Thank you for this article. Extremely helpful!