Monday, June 24, 2013

Galloway Station Farewell

Guest dancer, Naia and Naima's duet for the last set.

A few quick pics from Galloway Station's 10yr Anniversay, Greek Night, Farewell weekend April 27, 2013. Galloway Station is now up and running at their new location on 1281 E. Republic Rd, Springfield MO 65804. Next Greek Night is scheduled for Aug. 24th.

Naima-vision - Best crowd ever!

Dancing on dollars and rose petals.

Naima gives a heartfelt goodbye to the original location with the last bellydance performance of the night - Gianni Mou To Mantili Sou

Gianni Mou To Mantili Sou
My Yianni, why is your handkerchief so stained?
My dear Yianni, my brave young man?
It is stained from laboring in foreign lands,
In those cursed, forlorn places.
I washed it five times and fouled five rivers forever with its stain.

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