Friday, April 13, 2012

Tar Berries Update April 2012

I realized I had not taken any new pictures of the costume in quite a while. Almost a whole year actually. I wish you could see just how vibrant the pinks and greens really are. I ended up completely striping material off of the bra and starting completely over on a new bra. I didn't like how the original was fitting and I decided to change which cup the palettes where on.

I had also stitched the black palettes to the skirt first intending for the pink/green ones to go on top. I decided it was too garish and took away from the dark liquidy look of the fabric. So I very tediously stitched the pink/green ones underneath the black. It took forever. Everything kept getting tangled. But it's done now and I can move on to the bead work.

Imagine how the colors on this are going to pop once on my super white skin. EPIC!

 I love how the black sequin and silver bead is turning out.

 Hey is there a black palette missing? I never noticed that before.

I will continue the swirling design from the bra down the length of the skirt. You can see the white outline of my stencil in this picture.
Black sequin and silver bead trim is slowly making its way around the waist and down the skirt.

Bonus pic: Boober napping in the window.


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