Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tar Berries April 2011

Sewing Supplies. My camera still isn't picking up the color right

Work on Tar Berries has been touch and go. I keep putting it aside to work on other things. Here are some pictures to tide you over.

Cheap flimsy bra that fits worse than a paper sack but totally worth it for $3.24 on clearance.

The butchering begins. Straps and sides cut off. Cups re-angled in the center. I used a piece of thick sketch paper to make a pattern for covering the cups.

Cups covered with Hopes and Dreams scraps and felt. The cups are starting to hold some shape.

Inside detail. New sides made from felt, scraps, and some grosgrain ribbon for support. Now covered in awesome black fabric.

Ooo, Shiny. The fabric bunches on the sides when laid flat but it is actually nice and smooth when the bra is on and curved around my body.

Making shoulder straps with layers of grosgrain ribbon. I decided to piece together black scraps for the covers because will not show under the beads and I will be saving the big pieces for other things. Also trying to use up some crummy thread I bought once when I was in a pinch. I will switch back to the good stuff on the parts that show.


Now: Completely uncoordinated. I keep dropping things and running into stuff. =\


imposterpockets said...

Your costumes are lovely! If you have time, I would be interested in hearing how you attached your new sides. This is what has intimidated me away from making a bra for so long. Which part of the original bra do you sew them to and what type of stitching do you usually use?

Thank you for taking the time to put all of this useful information here for us to read.

Naima said...

@imposterpockets I'll try to include more detail on bra straps in the future. In the meantime check this article that describes 2 different was to make side straps (as well as the rest of the bra). I use roughly the same methods depending on my fabric and the style I want to achieve.

imposterpockets said...

I guess the most confusing part to me is where to sew the custom made side band pieces. As far as locations on the bra, I could stitch them to the cup along the inside of the underwire or I could stitch them along the outside of the underwire.

The bra you are using as your base seems to have an additional piece of vertical boning. Did you sew your straps along the iside of that boning?

imposterpockets said...

Doh! Further searching through your tutorials found the answer I was looking for (with nice clear pictures) in your post about your post about your sage costume.