Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of Padded Bra!

 Top: new bra with cup extension. Bottom: old bra.

After all of the work I put into redoing this costume and extending the bra to a bigger size it did not fit! It was too big. At the time I started the bra I need the extension but once I was ready to fit it for shoulder straps I discovered the cups are way too big. I have never had to pad a bra. EVER. I had no bra padding nor old shoulder pads to be used as push-up padding. Instead I took the original, much smaller bra, and stitched the whole thing inside the new bra. And it actually worked! Once I figured this out I felt pretty genius.

Ideally, I need a bra size somewhere in-between these two. I bet if I had left off the bra extension off the new bra it would have fit fine. Well, hindsight and all.

 Old bra stitched into new bra

The belt not quite as gaudy as I would like but I'm done working on it for a while.



Lark Begin said...

Good job! I'm still having issues with my top. Smaller boobs = bigger issues with fitting. I'll keep trying though.
Thanks for the post
- Lark Begin

Naima said...

@Lark what kind of problems are you having? I've been helping some of my dance friends with fitting various big and small boob issues. Maybe we can brainstorm.