Friday, October 22, 2010


Quick set of pics of my progress on the pink-holo costume. I struggled with the flower design I started with on the bra so I moved on to the belt and went with a heart design based loosely off of a Hanan bedlah design. I liked it much better. I ripped out all the bead work on the bra and even redid the center and side pieces.

I now lovingly call this the Uterus costume because of the pink heart that sits right over my lady parts. Check it, it's got a uterus, ovaries, and tubes.

LOL! I ruined it for you didn't I?


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Jess Chrysler said...

Lol! The "uterus" costume...that's awesome. Looks really great on you btw. :) Thanks for posting your progress for suckers like me trying to figure out the magic behind making said things!! :D