Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gold Bedlah Gets a Bath

Gold & Silver gets a swish in some suds.

I started working on bra extensions for this bedlah on this post and was still unhappy with how this old set was looking. Out of all of my costumes, this is the set I've worn the most and it shows. I decided to give it a long overdue bath in the tub and redo my alterations plus add more alterations than I had orignially planed. You know, do it right the first time.

Now the water looks like dirty pee (from the dirty yellow material under the bead work.

After squeezing water from the bra on a towel.

The bra, belt, and bra lining set out to dry looking 100% better than before the wash.

I took the lining off the bra before the bath and washed it separate. I needed to for the alterations and if it didn't clean up well I intended on replacing the whole thing. It cleaned up fairly well so I think I'll keep it.

Aside from adding extensions to add more coverage in the cups I plan on stitching open the looped bead work so the rhinestones can be seen. As it is, you cannot even tell there are rhinestone on it at all. The bath also improved the shine on the sequins. The better match the new sequins I am adding to the extension.

Get details on how to wash and care for your costumes on Princess Farhana's website.


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