Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Manifest Destiny

It was only a matter of time before I could no longer deny the fact the my boobs have expanded and have begun to look for a home beyond my favorite gold bedlah. I bought this set secondhand and it was small in the bust to begin with. But, with some strategic plumping, fluffing, and haltering I have been able to wear it for the past 4 plus years or so. It has come time to do something about this Northern expansion.

I got lucky and had some yellow scraps of fabric from the yellow and orange costume I made 2 years ago. I began adding cup extensions by cutting strips of felt, lining, and covering them with the fabric to match the top curve of the bra. Once I was happy with the fit I began beading them to match the bra design.

I have attached the extention and  began adding a three dimensional row of silver beads to match the bra design along the seam to hide the original edge of the cup. The gold sequins and beads I am using don't exactly match the original which are smaller and have a more orange tint. I don't mind though. It is close enough in color and shiny enough that the 'Average Joe' won't notice. There is a lot of wear on the beading along the edges of the bra but I'm not going to replace it at this time (not really in my budget anyway). I figure I will just add some fresh fringe and new lining to help give it a much needed boost. I am now contemplating adding a little beaded side-boob cover as well. I don't need my boobs looking to expand to the East and West. I am playing this by ear so we will see how it turns out.

I've heard of dancers doing this same thing on their pro costumes by using the beaded headbands, wrist and ankle cuffs. The accessories on pro costumes already match the fabric and beads of the bedlah so there is really no additional beading needed to extend the cups. Unfortunately, that means no more matching accessories.


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Crystal said...

Exactly how embarassed should I be that the first photo of the fabric pieces looks super phallic to me?

Naima said...

Phallus on my boobs... that's better than say, my ankles. Way to go Crystal!

cinderelly said...

great idea,i may try this! i gained weight over holidays, and now i am a little too 'boobilicious' in my bedlah!